I will advocate fully funding our public schools and supporting our teachers and kids in Williamson County

  • Advocate for generous funding of public education up to the federal standard.
  • Reduce the amount of testing of our students and teachers by focusing on essential learning in the classroom.
  • Work with our legislature to fully fund the current BEP formula that is currently not adequately funding our schools.

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Health Care

I will represent Williamson County for the compassionate community that we are

  • Advocate to Expand Medicaid for the 280,000 uninsured Tennesseans and for the protection of our rural hospital infrastructures.  
  • Protect our children’s hospitals by strengthening and securing our Medicaid programs for every family especially for our military families who at times rely on Medicaid as an interim or secondary insurer for their families.
  • Protect and improve our public safety nets for the most vulnerable in Williamson County and in our state.
  • Be an advocate for every LIFE: from the womb to the grave. Supporting Medicaid is not supporting abortion, as many believe. 

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I will advocate for smart and measured growth in Williamson County

  • Help problem solve workforce disruption in Tennessee due to automation and bring awareness to what is at stake for future projected job loss in our communities.
  • Bring high quality jobs to the state that offer affordable healthcare to all levels of employment.
  • Be a proactive legislator who advocates for planning ahead in all matters concerning our state infrastructure:  roads (Mack Hatcher), highways, bringing our rural communities adequate funding for improving economic development in holistic and comprehensive ways.

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